Classes start every 8 weeks and are 16 weeks long. Our 2023-2024 class schedule is as follows:

• October 10th, 2022 to February 5th, 2023
• January 17th, 2023 to May 7th, 2023
• June 5th, 2023 to September 24th, 2023
• August 14th to December 3rd, 2023
• October 23rd to February 18th, 2024
• January 15th, 2024 to May 5th, 2024
• March 25th, 2024 to July 14th, 2024
• June 3rd, 2024 to September 22nd, 2024
• August 5th, 2024 to November 24th, 2024
• October 14th, 2024 to February 2nd, 2025



ALL applicants must attend one of the info sessions which will last approximately 90 minutes. There is no need to preregister or bring anything to the info session.  At each info session we will discuss and answer questions about the training program, and there will be small group interviews immediately following the general session.  All interested applicants must participate in the 15 to 20-minute group interview.

Step 1: Read the FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions covers a variety of aspects of the program you should be aware of prior to applying, including eligibility requirements for participation.

Step 2: Attend an Info Session

At these sessions we describe the program in more detail and answer questions for potential applicants.  Anyone interested in applying for the program should attend one of these sessions. We can only guarantee interviews to applicants who attend the info sessions. There is no need to preregister or bring anything to the info session. 

Step 3: Application Process

The Chef Instructor will notify applicants that are selected to proceed to individual interviews.  At that time, an appointment will be scheduled, and the application will be provided. Applications must be completed before the individual interview.

Step 4: Participate in a One-on-One Interview

Attend the interview and submit the completed application form. Interviews generally take 30-45 minutes and will be a determining factor in the selection of apprentices. Following the interview, the Chef Instructor will notify applicants whether they have been selected for the program, pending background and drug screening.